Supply plans

Планы снабжения
Previous quest “Pharmacist”
This quest is related to “Kind of sabotage”
Greetings, young man. I am very glad that you are here. I have a task in store that only a smart and capable person like you can handle. Do you mind doing it? Then I spread it. Do you know where the sawmill is located in the forest? During the Contract Wars, she was chosen as a backup supply complex for the TerraGroup. I really need to find the Terragroup supply lines in this area. I suspect they are nearby. Try to find out something, look in the buildings for workers. I need a case for papers. Please note that it has protection. You will recognize it by the special engraved mark on the lid. Good luck searching.


When the quest is activated, the task Kind of sabotage appears from the Skier. The Skier will ask you to give him the folder.

Go to the sawmill to the portable cabin number 3. Under the bed, there will be a folder that is required for completion of the quest.

You need to get out alive and give the folder to the Therapist.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you give it to the Skier. Kind of sabotage the Skier offers a more worthy reward

Find Secure Folder 0052 on the map
The third change house

The third change house

Protected folder 0052 under the bed

Protected folder 0052 under the bed

Amazing. It’s a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for the help again.

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