Trust regain

Забудем старые обиды
Previous quest (In case of failure) “Out of curiosity”
I am amazed that you have common business with this scoundrel, the Skier! I was so angry with you that I didn’t even want to let you in. But, judging by your mood, you yourself understood what kind of person he is. Excellent… There is an assignment – you will do it right, and I, so be it, will forget about the past. Although it will not be possible to erase the incident from people’s memory – it is not known where those substances got. Okay, I’ll tell you the essence of the matter. My people want to search all more or less important objects in the area. Suddenly, they will find something useful for the suffering poor. Unfortunately my staff were unable to access all locations. Your task is to get the keys you need. Without this, you cannot get inside. They will help set the course for the operation. Forget about this Skier, let’s try to save people.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


The quest is unlocked if the quest Out of curiosity fails.

Buy the following keys at the Flea Market: Dorm room 303 Key, Key ZB-014, Military base checkpoint key, and The key to the gas station storage key.

Give them to the Therapist.

Great job. I am very pleased. I am happy to work with you again – now I trust you as I did before.

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