Customs extracts

ShowNameFractionAlways availableReusable
FindCrossroadsPMC and ScavsYesYes
FindDorms V-ExPMC Available when there is a black car and there is 7000rDisposable
FindRUAF RoadblockPMC Available when the spotlight is onYes
FindZB-1011PMC YesYes
FindZB-1012PMC Available when the spotlight is onYes
FindZB-013PMC Necessary pull the lever. Needed Factory emergency exit keyYes
FindSmuggler's BoatPMC Available when the fire is on and the boat is standingYes
FindOld Gas StationPMC Available when green lights are on in front of the entranceYes
FindTrailer ParkPMC YesYes
FindAdministration GateScavsYesYes
FindSniper RoadblockScavsYesYes
FindMilitary Base CPScavsYesYes
FindOld Road GateScavsYesYes
FindTrailer Park Workers' ShackScavsYesYes
FindFactory Far CornerScavsYesYes
FindRailroad To TarkovScavsYesYes
FindRailroad To Military BaseScavsYesYes
FindRailroad to PortScavsYesYes
FindFactory ShacksScavsYesYes
FindScav checkpointScavsYesYes
FindPassage between rocksScavsYesYes
FindWarehouse 17ScavsYesYes
FindWarehouse 4ScavsYesYes
FindOld Gas Station GateScavsYesYes

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