Dorm room 314 marked key

A key with a strange symbol scrawled on it

Opens room 314 of the 3-story dormitory on the Customs map. The most important room in this location.

Here you can find: a weapon case, a key holder, documents, a cartridge case, a grenade case, a money case (all of these containers have different contents), weapons (RSASS, DVL Saboteur, AS Val, Vintorez, etc.), electronics, money.

The key has no specific spawn location. Most often it can be found in jackets or in the backpacks of the killed wild

Needed for the quest: The Cult. Part 2

The key can be used 25 times. After that it will disappear from the inventory.

Find room 314 on the map
Marked room at Customs

Marked room at Customs

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