Object #11SR keycard

Ключ-карта от объекта 11SR
Electronic reusable key card belonging, judging by the logo, to TerraGroup

Opens the “Safe Room” exit. To exit the location, you must press the button next to the door. Grants access to power supply for Object-14

The key has no specific spawn location

To get to the safe room, you need to turn on power to the CHP and activate with a key card from the 11SR object the urinal in the Burger Spot toilet

Inside the safe room: three weapon boxes, jewelry on the couch and on the floor, modifications on the table, provisions on the rack and on the floor, M4A1 on the cot

Inside the “Safe Room” there is a lever that allows you to open the container (Object-14) in the parking lot

Inside Object-14: weapon box, jewels on boxes, modifications on shelves, two weapon stands, Trooper armor

The key can be used 15 times. After that it will disappear from the inventory

Find a place where food is served on the map
Find urinal at Burger Spot on the map
Find what opens the key on the map
Find Object-14 on the map

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