Reserve extracts

ShowNameFractionAlways availableМногоразовый
FindSewer manholePMC and ScavsAvailable if the character is without a backpackYes
FindBunker hermetic doorPMC and ScavsNecessary pull the lever. The output will work for 4 minutesYes
FindArmored trainPMC and ScavsArrives after 25 minutes of the raid. Two beeps upon arrival. Beep one minute before departure. Two beeps when departingDisposable
FindScav landsPMC and ScavsYesYes
FindCliff descentPMCAvailable with Ice Ax and Paracord. Without armor (It is possible with armored unloading)Yes
FindThe heating pipeScavsYesYes
FindCheckpoint fenceScavsYesYes
FindHole in the wall by the mountainsScavsYesYes
FindDepot hermetic doorScavsYesYes

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