Health Resort east wing room 222 key

Key to room 222 in the sanatorium, east wing

Opens number 222 of the eastern wing of the “Lazurny Bereg” sanatorium on the map Bereg. Room 222 is adjacent to 226, so using this key you can go to another closed room through the balcony

The key can be found on the ground floor of the hydroelectric power station on a chair under the jackets

Inside room 222: weapon box, Grenade box, Toolbox, jewelry in a box, electronics on the table, money, MP5, gun stand

Weapon safe on the balcony

Inside room 226: LEDX in the closet, weapon box, мfoodstuffs, provisions, SV-98, MR-153

Find the key on the map
Find what opens the key on the map
East Wing Room 222 Key on Chair

East Wing Room 222 Key on Chair

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