Health Resort west wing room 218 key

Key to Room 218, Sanatorium West Wing

Opens number 218 of the western wing of the Cote d’Azur on the map Bereg. Room 218 is adjacent to 221 and 222, so using this key you can go to other closed rooms through the balcony

The key can be found in the closet in the administrative building of the sanatorium

Inside room 218: TerraGroup Labs keycard (Red) on a blue barrel, Wooden crate, two gun safes, provisions, ammunition, money and RSASS in the closet

Inside room 221: Weapon box, modifications, money and provisions

On the balcony M4A1

Inside room 222: Medbag SMU06, Sport bag, money, AKM

Find West Wing Room 218 Key on the map
Find what opens the key on the map
West Wing Room 218 Key in Locker

West Wing Room 218 Key in Locker

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