Woods extracts

ShowNameFractionAlways availableReusable
FindRUAF RoadblockPMC and ScavsAvailable when green lights are on (Wild is always available)Yes
FindUN RoadblockPMC and ScavsYesYes
FindFactory gatePMC and ScavsProvided that if you are a PMC, then you need a Dikiy and vice versaYes
FindOutskirtsPMC and ScavsYesYes
FindZB-014PMCAvailable when green lights are on and there is ZB-014 keyYes
FindZB-016PMCAvailable when green lights are onYes
FindBridge V-ExPMCYes. 3000 rubles requiredDisposable
FindNorthern UN roadblockPMCYesYes
FindMountain StashScavsYesДа
FindScav HouseScavsYesYes
FindThe BoatScavsYesYes
FindOld StationScavsYesYes
FindDead Man's PlaceScavsYesYes
FindScav bunkerScavsYesYes
FindScav bridgeScavsYesYes
FindEastern rocksScavsYesYes

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