Office filing cabinets, which consist of four lootable drawers

Inside you can find mostly low cost loot: info items (secure Flash drive, slim diary), electronics, jewelry, money, dorm room keys, building materials, battery, classic matches, lighters, key to customs offices and rarely lab. key card (white)

Container size: 2×2

Number of containers at locations:

  • Shoreline: 10
  • Factory: 2
  • Laboratory: 12
  • Woods: 2
  • Interchange: 5
  • Reserve: 59
  • Customs: 11
Find drawers on the Shoreline
Find drawers at the Factory
Find drawers in The lab
Find drawers in the Woods
Find drawers at the Interchange
Find drawers at the Reserve
Find drawers at the Customs
Three drawers

Three drawers

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