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Customs Customs in Escape From Tarkov

players Number of players: 9-12
players Raid duration: 40 min
A large part of the factory location, which includes some infrastructure facilities: hostels, customs, fuel oil facilities, etc.

There are two dorms here. These buildings often become a place to complete quests or engage in closed-quarter battles. Geographically, they are in the northernmost section of the map. In the west, the building is three stories high; in the east, it is two stories high. Each has an entrance from the front. Interstorey fire exits are located at the sides of the buildings. On each floor, this exit has a door. But, in part, these doors are inaccessible for passage.

Construction site - a concrete frame of a two-story building, which offers a good view of the bridge and the river crossing.

The gas station is located in the middle of the map. A one-story building that has several unlockable loot rooms. From it, you can clearly see the transition that unlocks by the factory emergency exit key.

The checkpoint (Scav checkpoint) is located at the end of the road behind the gas station. Where many Scavs can be found, there is a passage to the location's exfil points.

Compared to the Factory, the Customs is much more spacious. Gamers here may not get too close to each other. At the location itself, near the intersection, there is a bridge dividing it into a customs terminal and dorms with infrastructure.

After passing through the bridge, the player can see the construction site. Then, dorm buildings and a new gas station, where the Reshala boss spawns.

In any part of the location, you can find something to loot. But in the Customs area, you can easily drive yourself into a trap in several dangerous and narrow places. This should not be forgotten.

The first unsafe place is the river crossings. There are four ways to cross it: three transitions are located in its lower part, through dashes with a small amount of land. Besides them, there is one bridge.

Appearing on the left, on the side of the customs terminal, you will have to go to ZB-1011 exfil, which is always active. In addition, you can try to get out at the old gas station (burning green fires will indicate that the exfil is available) or by approaching the ZB-1012 bunker (active when the spotlight is on).

When appearing on the right side (from the boilers), you can exit through the two leftmost exfils (trailer park or intersection). Also, you can find an exit near the boat. In this case, a burning fire will indicate the possibility of passage. There is also an exit, which is always available regardless of the side of your respawn. The path to this exfil is located behind the dorms. If there is a Land Cruiser car there, it means that the EP is available. In this case, the cost of extraction will be seven thousand rubles. Departure waiting time - 1 minute.

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Customs farming guide
Customs is a rough place for new players....
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Key tiers


Extractions on map

PMC Extractions

Smuggler's Boat Extraction Point location
Extraction free
ZB-013 Extraction Point location

Requires key

To exit, you need to find or purchase a key:
Factory emergency exit key
Extraction free
Old Gas Station Extraction Point location
Extraction free
ZB-1012 Extraction Point location
Extraction free
Dorms V-Ex EP location

Requires money

A certain amount of money is required to exit:
7000 ₽




Depends on key:

Duplicate key:

The key is required for the quest:

Key unlocks: