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Shoreline Shoreline in Escape From Tarkov

players Number of players: 10-13
players Raid duration: 45 min
The Shoreline is a fairly large part of the Tarkov suburb, adjacent to the port area. There is a small village on this territory with houses, most of which are abandoned. However, there are also modern cottages, as well as fields. In addition, on the territory of this area, there is a boat station and many other facilities, among which it is worth highlighting a hydroelectric power station and a mobile communication station.

The main object is the large Health Resort which is represented by several buildings. Some time ago, this complex was the temporary location of personnel working for the Terra Group, who subsequently evacuated through the local port.

The modern location "Shoreline" for the tactical shooter Escape from Tarkov is an original map that offers every gamer great loot and tons of PvP opportunities. The map is unique because it has both restricted and open areas.

At the same time, open areas (Shoreline, etc.) are ideal opportunities for sniper rifle enthusiasts who are used to stealthily attacking and killing with the first shot. Because of all the above benefits, the Shoreline PvP map is one of the best locations to play. By the way, this map presents the best loot, which, in principle, is available in the game. However, most of this loot is hidden in the closed rooms of the Health Resort. You need to make an effort and have the keys to find it!

Shoreline is rightfully considered one of the best locations in the game. Each raid here takes a gamer about fifty minutes. Of additional interest is a large number of Scavs.

So, the Shoreline map in the EFT game has the following advantages:

It includes both open areas, where there are a lot of snipers, and closed areas, where there are practically none; the location is represented by small and large buildings, has a different landscape, forest positions, etc. It is very diverse, which makes the game on it not as boring as on other maps;

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