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Woods Woods in Escape From Tarkov

players Number of players: 9-14
players Raid duration: 40 min
The game location "Woods" is a large Woods area where, in addition to vegetation, there are hills, fields, and rocks. Due to the uneven terrain, the location is great for fighting over long distances. The fact is that players with sniper weapons will be able to find vantage points that rise above the surrounding landscape, while their opponents will be in a less advantageous situation. However, thanks to vegetation and various natural and not only obstacles, battles can quite successfully take place at medium range as well. Up to 12 players can participate in the raid at the same time, not counting the player-Scavs. In addition, there are lots of AI Scavs as well.

Although the "Woods" is a very picturesque location and you can hold interesting battles on it, this map is considered difficult for beginners. Often it is recommended to bypass it in every possible way for unprepared players until they gain gaming experience. There are several reasons for this:

There is little loot in the vastness of the location. And therefore, the main money is earned in battles against other players, usually experienced gamers.

The map is designed for long-range battles using sniper rifles. For those who prefer other weapons for closer ranges, eliminating enemies will be very difficult. Also, expensive rifles are especially effective on Woods, while the basic sniper weapons have a hard time resisting them.

The Woods map is more designed specifically for PvP battles, not for those who prefer to look for catastrophically scarce resources at the location. Those who want to kill enemies come here, and often these are already more experienced players, so newcomers will not have a sweet time there.

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Woods farming guide
Woods are vast, with widely spread loot to offer...
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Key tiers


Extractions on map

PMC Extractions

Bridge V-Ex Extraction Point location

Requires money

A certain amount of money is required to exit:
5000 ₽
ZB-016 Extraction Point location
Extraction free
ZB-014 Extraction Point location

Requires key

To exit, you need to find or purchase a key:
ZB-014 key
Extraction free

Coop Extractions (PMC and Scav)




Depends on key:

Duplicate key:

The key is required for the quest:

Key unlocks: