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Quest Prapor «Bad rep evidence»

Good day to you, warrior. Step inside. There’s a job to do if you’re interested. Need to find one piece of crap, and I’m at my wits’ end how. Briefly - one of the foremen who worked on that fucking Polikim has just in time laid his hands on some pretty important documents. You know, of course, how hard is everyone still gunning for any evidence on TerraGroup and its associates? Exactly. But the folks who tried to get the info out of that foreman happened to be more edgy than smart. The dude’s ticker stopped ticking before his tongue started wagging. Can you imagine? What dimwits! How do you do business with the likes of them? Okay, back to the point. So he grabbed the docs and stashed them somewhere. Asked around a bit, those who worked with him before. In general, chances don’t look too good, but who knows how lucky you can get? In a word, that foreman worked in the chemo shop. The shitmost shit, see. And somewhere on the Customs premises he and his homies had their bunkhouses. Eating there, chilling, most certainly inviting girl over, well, you get it. I figure it’s holed up there somewhere, most likely. If it’s not there, then we won’t find crap at all. So, I want you to search the shacks on Customs and bring me these documents. I think it's best to search for the locked ones.

check-circle Level requirement: 6 lvl

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko


check-circle Level requirement: 6 lvl

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Find secure folder 0031 in a bunkhouse on Customs


(Optional) Gain access to the closed room in the Factory offices


(Optional) Find the bunkhouse key


Survive and exit Customs location


Hand over secure folder 0031 to Prapor

Rewards arrow-tab


+4100 Exp


Prapor +0.03 Rep


35000 Roubles


Unlocks purchase of Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4×24 scope at Level Loyalty 2

unlock Unlocked to buy when you pass the quest

How to complete the quest?

At first, you need . Buy it at the Flea Market or find it in jackets or dead scavs.

Then go to the Customs factory area, which is opposite to the dormitories.

Find a bunkhouse, which stands on a blue container, open it with a key, go in, and pick up a folder on the table.

Then extract from location and pass the folder to Prapor.

Gaining access to the closed room at the Factory is not necessary; it is mentioned in the quest because the key you need spawns there, but with a very small chance.

Find the folder on the map

Portable cabin at the Customs factory zone

Portable cabin at the Customs factory zone

Folder 0031 on the table

Folder 0031 on the table

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