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Quest Prapor «Checking»

How’s it going, warrior? Still in one piece? Good. Look, there's a little job for you. If you pull through, we could talk more about trust. Interested? Look here then, soldier. I had a pal who drove a tanker truck for the Factory. Managed to take the family out before the conflict, but returned to get the rest of his stuff and perished. He lived in a dorm, the bigger one. Can’t remember the room, I was there only once and was wasted as hell to boot. There was a poster of some chick on the wall for sure, the rest is foggy. To cut the long story short, he had an old bronze pocket watch with a chain. Sort of a family heirloom. If it wasn’t snatched by anyone, then there are two options - either it’s hidden in his room somewhere, or in his tank truck. Find me this watch. I want to get them out for the kid - his old man was not exactly a dipshit, worth to be remembered.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

(Optional) Get the key to the tank truck


Obtain the bronze pocket watch


Hand over the bronze pocket watch to Prapor

Rewards arrow-tab


+1800 Exp


Prapor +0.03 Rep


15000 Roubles

How to complete the quest?

At first, you need to find the . It always spawns in a brown jacket in room 205 of the three-story dormitory on Customs. After patch 0.13, this key became a one-time use
Next, you need to find a fuel truck at a construction site. Open the driver’s door with the key. Below, under the seat, you'll find the watch.

After that, you need to extract alive with the watch. You can find the necessary exfils on the map
After extraction, hand over the watch to Prapor. Note that if you don't transfer the quest item, go to the next raid and die, you'll need to do the whole task again (without getting the key if you saved it).

Find key on the map
Find the key and fuel truck on the map

Bronze watch on the floor near the pedals

Bronze watch on the floor near the pedals

Jacket in the 205 room, in which is the Machinery key

Jacket in the 205 room, in which is the Machinery key

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