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Quest Ragman «Sales Night»

You’ve already visited Ultra to scare the Scavs. Unpretentious. But things have gotten worse since then. Rumor has it that there are too many dumbbells out there. Go there, check the situation. Is everything all right. It is important.

Level requirement: 30 lvl

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Abramyan Sarkisivich Arshavir


Level requirement: 30 lvl

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Survive and extract from Interchange 7 times

Rewards arrow-tab


+17500 Exp


Ragman +0.03 Rep


35000 Roubles


Unlocks purchase of Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA helmet (Tan) at Ragman Loyality level 4

unlock Unlocked to buy when you pass the quest

How to complete the quest?

You must get the status “Survived,", meaning that you need to gain at least 600 experience before leaving the location.

For example, kill two scavs and search them, find a lot of loot, or kill a PMC with a lot of items.

It is recommended to kill two scavs, loot them and leave the location.

It is also recommended to complete the quest at night and kill scavs in the parking lot. The chance of meeting the enemy there will be lower.