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Quest Skier «Setup»

Bullshit did everything perfectly! They planned to set up an ambush for my couriers, but they got into it themselves. Haha. Serious showdowns with them immediately began. This group has its own individual dress code. Their chiefs wear caps with earflaps and unloading with murkas. Well, don’t they look like circus clowns? In general, create the same image as theirs. Use the Wilds unloading, your grandfather’s earflaps and the MP-series shotgun. Eliminate PMCs as they should. Frankly, I don’t care who, the main thing is that these PMC-shniki guys with graters help. You understood me?

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Alexander Fyodorovich Kiselyov


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Kill 15 PMCs on Customs while wearing specified gear

Rewards arrow-tab


+21900 Exp


Skier +0.05 Rep


150000 Roubles


Fence +0.05 Rep


Unlocks barter for 20 pcs. 9×19 mm DIPP ammo box at Skier Loyalty Level 4

unlock Unlocked to barter when you pass the quest

How to complete the quest?

Buy an “Ushanka ear flap hat” at the Flea Market, and a scav vest (or barter it with Jaeger), and an mp series shotgun from Jaeger. Only kills with MP shotguns will be counted and only while you wear Ushanka and a scav vest.

It's recommended to take the Gen4 body armor (assault version) and modify the MP-153 (Sight and muzzle brake. It does not make much sense to change a stock).

It is recommended to use AP20 ammo, as it can penetrate 4th class of armor, or flechette ammo.

Go to Customs, try to get to the dormitories fast, and hide in rooms, for example, opposite of marked room or opposite to any quest room that opens with a key.

Try to meet people at close distances, hide in such a way that they won’t expect you, go behind them and feel free to shoot them in the back. 

Naturally, if you see poorly equipped PMCs, then you should play more aggressively.

Recommended equipment when completing the Setup quest

Recommended equipment when completing the Setup quest

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