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Quest Prapor «Shaking up the Teller»

Hail, the knave of axe and gun. Some curious info came up recently. Smells like solid profit without running around too much. Ready? Look. There was that wisecrack who ran the stores, lived in a dorm by the factory. And, as usual, sidelined some cash. He lived in room 214. But that's not the point. I don’t think you will find much there if anything at all. Though he swore there’s something. Something else has surfaced: In the same dorm, he owned one more room, 203, but wasn’t babbling about it and, as a matter of fact, used it for storage. Now that’s where he had something of value for sure, more than one of his errand runners perished there. Also, he had a garage. Don’t know the number, but it was certainly two-digit - I have a listing of owners starting with 100, and his name is not there.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Find something valuable in the dorm room 203


(Optional) Gain access to room 214


Hand over the item to Prapor

Rewards arrow-tab


+5900 Exp


Prapor +0.02 Rep


75000 Roubles


Unlocks purchase of PBS-4 5.45×39 Silencer at Loyalty level 3


Unlocks purchase of Hexagon 12K sound suppressor at Loyalty level 2


Jaeger Rep -0.01

unlock Unlocked to buy when you pass the quest

How to complete the quest?

Buy at the Flea Market, or find it in file cabinets or in dead scavs' pockets.

Take 5000 roubles with you in the secured container just in case “Dorms V-Ex” is active so that you can pay and extract easily there.

Go on Customs. You need to open room 203 in the three-story dormitory with the key. Inside the room, under the bed, there will be the case you need.

Now you need to extract alive and hand over the case to Prapor.

You don’t need the . It's mentioned in the task because you can find a key to room 203 there, but with a very small chance.

Find the case on the map

Case in room 203 under the bed

Case in room 203 under the bed

A car means that the “А-Выход” is active

A car means that the “А-Выход” is active

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