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Quest Prapor «The Punisher - Part 2»

My friends were mighty pleased with what you did on Shoreline. And they definitely want some more. More profit in it for you, too. Some extra gear too, so go on, keep doing good things for good people. Ah, almost forgot. They are asking for half-masks, you know, those that Scavs hide their faces with. Grab them from the bodies, they won't need them anymore, but my friends do. No idea what they need them for, probably to make a point or something. One more thing, this time it should be done silently, with a suppressor, so that they don't even know what killed them. To work, soldier.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Kill 12 Scavs on Shoreline using a suppressed weapon


Find in raid 7 lower half-masks


Hand masks over to Prapor

Rewards arrow-tab


+13100 Exp


Prapor +0.03 Rep


50000 Roubles

unlock Unlocked to buy when you pass the quest

Required items for the quest

0 / 7

Starting items

How to complete the quest?

As in the first part of the Punisher, you need to go on Shoreline to kill 12 scavs, but using a silencer this time.

You can use any weapon with a silencer, even with a built-in one (like VAL or VSS). 

It is recommended to buy VSS. It can be used even without a receiver cover; you just need to attach an “OKP-7” or PSO 1M2-1 sight to it. You also need to buy 6l25 mags at the Flea Market (if you don’t have LL3 Prapor). SP-5 ammo will be suitable against scavs. Such Vintorez will cost a little more than the silencer on the AK-74. 

The second option is more expensive. Buy AK-74N from the Prapor and modify it. The recoil pad with PSO we buy from Prapor on the 2nd LL. Buy everything else: PBS-4, Handguard B-10, VPG handle, and Pistol grip RK-3. 5.45×39 BT or BP ammo can be bought from the Prapor.

If you do not have the 2nd LL of the Skier, and you don’t use the Flea Market, you can buy PP-91-01 «Kedr-B» with a silencer on the 2nd LL of Prapor.

Below is a map of scav spawns. You should have the following route: burning gas station next to the “Norvinsky” yacht club, hydroelectric power station, and parking next to the sanatorium.

Masks do not have to be found on Shoreline. You can farm them on Factory, for example, from the scavs.

Find scavs on the map

Vintorez to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

Vintorez to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

AK-74N to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

AK-74N to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

The route to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

The route to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

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