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Quest Ragman «The stylish one»

We’ve got one fashionable dandy here. In the shopping center “Ultra” it is smeared like honey. Takes away all the high stuff. I somehow do not want to close my eyes to this. Come on, explain to your comrade how much, let him slow down. Oh, do you want us to play you the same jacket as his? You will scare the people in it.


Abramyan Sarkisivich Arshavir


Goals and rewards for quest

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Kill Killa 100 times

Rewards arrow-tab


100000 Roubles


Unlocks purchase of Adik Tracksuit clothing at Ragman Loyalty Level 3

How to complete the quest?

We go to the Interchange and kill Killa 100 times. Nothing complicated.

Killa can spawn almost anywhere where Scav in Ultra can spawn.

Killa's Spawns

Killa's Spawns