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Quest Yaeger «The survivalist path. Zhivchik»

Hey Ya! The outing was a success, although it was not easy. It’s good that you left me some water, otherwise you would have bent right there, damn it. Look, how do you manage not to die of dehydration?

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Ivan Egorovich Kharitonov


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Survive for 5 minutes while being completely dehydrated


Survive and extract from the location

Rewards arrow-tab


+5700 Exp


Jaeger +0.02 Rep


30000 Roubles

How to complete the quest?

Reduce hydration in the raid to 0 with food. A can of DevilDog mayonnaise or two cans of condensed milk will be enough to reduce it. Also, take water and a first aid kit with you; IFAK will be enough.

Go to the Shoreline at night, sit down in the nearest bush, lower the hydration, and sit for 5 minutes. As soon as the subtask is counted, drink water.

After that, leave the location alive.