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Quest Yaeger «The Tarkov shooter. Part 1»

Hey Ya. I never cease to be amazed at your vitality. This makes you similar to the Sniper. He does not take anything at all – he is constantly spinning at the epicenter of events, and at least henna! Are you immortals, or what? It’s not for nothing that I started talking about him, by the way. He is looking for an assistant, reliable and dexterous. If you want to work with him, be prepared for a lice test, and more. He’ll want to watch you in action, but don’t count on an M1A with a full magazine. It would be too easy. Instead, you will have to play around with Mosinka. The sight is mechanics. Good old mechanics, yeah. And the distance will give you a decent one. You must understand one important thing: he has a serious approach to business, and is looking for the same assistant. You need to match. Cope – you will stir things up. I will still put in a few words about your candidacy. For starters, you will be the Tarkovsky shooter. And after the tests, so be it, I will talk with him.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Ivan Egorovich Kharitonov


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

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Kill 5 Scavs over 40 meters away with a bolt-action rifle without a scope

Rewards arrow-tab


+12300 Exp


Jaeger +0.02 Rep


50000 Roubles

How to complete the quest?

Buy a Mosin rifle from Prapor and go on Woods to kill Scavs

You don’t have to kill them on Woods. Look for Scavs in large open areas.