Sew it good. Part 2

Шить - не тужить. Часть 2
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You know, I liked how you handled the hats. Promptly and dexterously. Appreciate. But now it’s time to get down to more serious business. We’ll have to be a super agent. Bond, James Bond. Nadybay two armor Gzhel. Both are ugrohannye, but that one was a little more intact than the first. It seems that I’m not asking anything complicated, right? Ready to fight? That’s okay.


Open the flea market, look for Gzhel, and put the filter “Condition from 0% to 50% “. Buy the first armor.

The same is with the second body armor, only in the filter we state “Condition from 50% to 100%.”

Everything was done with a bang. THX!
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