Hello boy! Come on in. There is something important for you. Do you remember I asked you to clean the sawmill from the infection? So, it looks like this infection has stuck there with roots. The navigator again brings fear into the whole district with his retinue, and I just can’t cope with them alone. Please, help me get rid of the bandits, but I certainly won’t offend you with a reward. The Mechanic brought me to a supplier of one, now they sell me powerful rifles, 338 caliber, overseas. If you help me, you can get yourself one, shoot at the elephants. It’s not a shame to go hunting with such! Come on, boy, I’m waiting for news.


You must kill the Shturman 25 times

Shturman appears at the sawmill with a chance of about 30% along with two guards – Svetloozersky

Shturman, like Reshala, without armor. The retinue can have armor up to the ZHUK-6a, but they do not wear helmets

They try not to be close to each other and keep their distance from the player.

The Shturman lives in the Woods at the sawmill. Has a retinue of two snipers. At medium and long range it is useless to fight with them, they shoot very accurately. It is best to carefully advance from the lake from the log hangar part, checking every corner and killing him at close range. Also catch them when they retreat. They behave stupidly when the enemy is focused

Shturman's habitat and points where he can most often be found

Shturman’s habitat and points where he can most often be found

The air in the whole Woods trembled from such furious firefight. The scum got what he deserved, and all thanks to you. Here, the appropriate reward for such a feat. Don’t be shy, you can buy the new rifles too.

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