Quests Escape From Tarkov

Quests Prapor
Quests Therapist
Quests Skier
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Quests Fence
Hello, mercenary. Are you interested in a job, by any chance? Very well. The job is not hard for a gritty man like you, and you won’t get a short end...
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Sanitary Standards. Part 1
Good afternoon. I have an urgent job for you. It is important for all who still live or, more precisely, exist in our woeful region. Do you know where...
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Operation Aquarius. Part 1
Nice to meet you, young man. I have a well-paying job for you. Since you are already aware of the problems with the drinking water in this region and...
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Postman Pat. Part 2
Good afternoon. Prapor told me that you are the one young man who will help us to reconnect and find the lost letter. Great! I’ll be waiting.
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Sanitary Standards. Part 2
Good day! Thank you for stopping by. Today only for you there is a job that is familiar to you. Our specialists have successfully neutralized the leak...
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Operation Aquarius. Part 2
Hello dear friend. I want to please you with a new task. The payment is decent, you will like it. You already know that there is a shortage of drinkin...
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I can offer a job if you need it. You may have noticed that here I am engaged in support in the shelter of all those civilians who could not get out o...
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I want to ask you for a service. Don't put up that look, of course, it's not for free! In a small dorm, yes, the one inhabited by those bandits, somew...
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Disease history
Good afternoon young man. I just need someone like you right now. I have heard that a new vaccination against a rare strain of influenza virus was bei...
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Supply plans
Greetings, young man. I am very glad that you are here. I have a task in store that only a smart and capable person like you can handle. Do you mind d...
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Health Care Privacy. Part 1
Greetings young man. A lot of people tried to get out of such a mess, and it is not always possible to call them people. However, medical work, even w...
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Car repair
Greetings young man! May I ask you to do me one little favor? I am sure it will not take long, and you can easily carry out my instructions… The fact...
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General wares
Hello again. I always try to stock up on products with a long shelf life. I don’t have enough meat now, especially canned food. Can you do the service...
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Colleagues. Part 1
Hello. The situation is very difficult. This means that everyone who has at least some experience in medicine matters to us. Such people are now just...
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Health Care Privacy. Part 2
You helped me a lot with the cars. It’s good that you weren’t late, and these Dikim didn’t manage to stop you. But there is more. After examining the...
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Health Care Privacy. Part 3
Awful, two corpses… This is no coincidence. Although, what is there to be surprised at? The documents you found point to serious research being done i...
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Colleagues. Part 2
So, it is very difficult for me because all my people were brutally killed on the coast. But I’m not going to give up anyway. A new channel for the su...
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Health Care Privacy. Part 4
Greetings, noble man. Your agility is worthy of a standing ovation. But you should take care of yourself. It is very easy to lose health, especially i...
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You see, as a doctor, even in such a difficult environment, I continue to treat people for ailments, because this is my job. And since you sometimes c...
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Health Care Privacy. Part 5
Blood is a good source of information. Not as good as proper paperwork of course, but still good enough. It’s been a while since I did my last researc...
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Private clinic
Greetings, my dear. As a medical professional, it is clear to me that the Hippocratic Oath must be adhered to even in such circumstances. That’s how I...
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Decontamination service
I have a very scrupulous business for you. There is a gang called the Wilds in the Interchange area. I must tell you that they are the real villains...
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Colleagues. Part 3
Sorry young man, please stop! I was told that the Huntsman talked to you and asked you to get rid of the Orderly. Please listen to me! Don’t do this...
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Young man, are you busy right now? Interested people from abroad, on the other side of the barricades, have an interest in a large batch of valuable m...
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Out of curiosity
Young man, I became aware of your collaboration with a certain Skier. I must honestly admit that I can no longer remain silent. I am compelled to info...
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Trust regain
I am amazed that you have common business with this scoundrel, the Skier! I was so angry with you that I didn’t even want to let you in. But, judging...
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Lost Contact
Young man, I require your assistance. The other day, I sent a group of workers to collect supplies in the Cape Dalniy area, to the former USEC base of...
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Seaside Vacation
Good afternoon, young man, I have a special assignment for you. Unfortunately, I cannot entrust it to my workers. Knowing your previous feats in searc...
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Drug Trafficking
Come on in, mercenary. I have a high suspicion that someone opened a new drug distribution point or even a whole drug laboratory in Tarkov. How do I k...
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