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Only business
Well, hello, if you’re not joking. Are you out of the nikes for an hour? Or a serviceman? I can’t figure it out. He is strange, although interesting...
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Make ULTRA Great Again
I just remembered how fun it was in Ultra once. It was there that everyone ran to stock up. Mothers with kids, couples in love. Favorite place, not ot...
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Big sale
I have no doubt that all these clothes will not lose demand. Profitable business, no bazaar. You need to tackle it more tightly. At any time they buy...
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A fuel matter
Hey! I’m collecting the boys here for the state reserve base for fuel. They say there are stationary tanks, there are tank cars, but I don’t know the...
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The Blood of War. Part 1
One comrade came to see me here. Maybe you’ve heard something about the Mechanic? The short-lived young man got caught, you need to pull out the words...
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Database. Part 1
Good day. Do you know what got into your head at your leisure? We would swim in chocolate if we had information on cargo. For example, from Ultra. The...
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Inventory check
Hello Buddy! Come on in! I have business with you. On the Reserve there are several barracks in which soldiers live, and they most likely have storero...
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Dressed to kill
Hello, my friend. Have you seen what’s going on? Everyone is crazy about fashion. There was no such thing even in peacetime. Give them some extraordin...
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Database. Part 2
I got acquainted with the statements here, and immediately noticed something was wrong. It won’t slip by me, you know. The situation is as follows: a...
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Salam. Listen, I’d like to send a care package to one dude. Get him fitted with some stuff, just so he knows that Arshavir remembers. He's is not the...
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Hot delivery
Salute. I am engaged in dangerous business, therefore it is the lot of the brave to be with me. Probably even immortals, the last event. I am sincerel...
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Sales Night
You’ve already visited Ultra to scare the Scavs. Unpretentious. But things have gotten worse since then. Rumor has it that there are too many dumbbell...
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Sew it good. Part 1
Hello, bro. Will you get to work? I think you will enjoy this little business. Let me not go into details. If the topic fades, I’ll tell you everythin...
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Where had you been? Glad to meet you! You know I’m constantly busy – sortie after sortie. You need one thing, then another. I no longer have the stren...
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Sew it good. Part 2
You know, I liked how you handled the hats. Promptly and dexterously. Appreciate. But now it’s time to get down to more serious business. We’ll have t...
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The Blood of War. Part 2
Salam, my friend. What’s up? I’m glad everything is in order. You’ve known for a long time how people dance to my tune for branded gear. It’s ridiculo...
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You need to cherish every second in a battle, sometimes everything is decided in an instant. It is not enough to save your own skin! We are not here i...
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Remember I sent you to Ultra? You’re not blind, you’ve seen how many ticket offices are poking around in the mall. Boutiques, shops. How much money is...
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The key to success
Good afternoon, brother. Yes, you heard right. We have gone through so much together with you that the officialdom is slowly leaving nowhere. You’d be...
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Sew it good. Part 3
Man, good to see you. I sew up one at all. Business has increased noticeably, but all this is for the good of our city. I am planning to start a sewin...
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The Blood of War. Part 3
Salam, brother. So there's this guy, he was selling me some stuff he found near the lumber mill, and so he told me that he found some stashes filled w...
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Long Line
Salam, brother, help me out. I sent my guys to Ultra today to grab some clothes, but a big group of PMCs gave them a “warm welcome”. fucking shot at m...
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Wecome, brother! Say, how do you feel about booze? I started thinking about collecting alcohol, but my boys have rummaged everywhere but couldn’t find...
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The stylish one
We’ve got one fashionable dandy here. In the shopping center “Ultra” it is smeared like honey. Takes away all the high stuff. I somehow do not want to...
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No fuss needed
Take this note and take it to the doctor. Do not strive, there is no crime in this. I scribbled a couple of phrases about our common businessman. Ther...
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Sew it good. Part 4
Oh, these armor shook a lot of nerves. But, it seems, everything worked out. You can breathe out. If I appeal again, you will not refuse help, will yo...
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Textile. Part 1
USEC:Come on, come in. You are light in sight. I’ll ask you to get something, just don’t poke your nose at the hucksters. What’s the matter? Ha ha! St...
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Charisma brings success
Hello! As a brother, I share: if you want to trade well, work on the presentation. Everyone should understand that in front of him is not some kind of...
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Textile. Part 2
USEC:Well, come in, why are you supporting the doors? I have an assignment for you. Now I have a lot of orders, but the raw materials are running out...
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