Quests Escape From Tarkov

Quests Prapor
Quests Therapist
Quests Skier
Quests Peacemaker
Quests Mechanic
Quests Ragman
Quests Yaeger
Quests Fence
What are you rubbing here? Who it? Looking for a job? Ha! Would you like paid sick leave and two vacations a year, or will any of them do? Give him a...
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The Extortionist
Kinda busy right now! Although... Hang on a sec. There is an urgent matter. There was a firefight about an hour ago in the garages across the river. J...
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Oh, you are again, well, well. Thought to strengthen our ties, you are doing the right thing. Excellent. There is only one topic, so you need to swing...
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What’s on the flash drive?
Seen and healthier, although not often! Ha ha! In general, do not care. Listen. There is a cover. And why are you staring at me like that, huh? What p...
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Golden swag
Do you take side jobs as your main profession? Hehe. What a hypocritical world! I served time for roughing some punk up, and my lingo gets me scoffed...
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Kind of sabotage
A little bird told me that you want to find some folder and pass it on to the medic girl. We have a business here, and I have my own interest in disru...
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Friend from the West. Part 1
Ah, that you? Ready for some serious business? Yeah, yeah. You're quite a scary character, scarier than me, ha-ha. To be short, the tourists are sort...
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Friend from the West. Part 2
Listen, since you and I are on you, maybe it’s time to talk about the cool deeds of the cool guys. Remember my previous gear mission? The Peacemaker o...
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Chemical. Part 1
So, Sherlock, you want a riddle? You’re our pro on these headcrackers, right? Here, look. One lame hobo came around here. Either nuts of just demented...
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Chemical. Part 2
Got tired of waiting already. Documents that you got from the den of this humanoid weigh quite a bit. Pretty heavy they are. But this is damn dangerou...
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Chemical. Part 3
That envelope from the dorm contained some chemical formula. And the flash drive described the reaction process. We found a guy here who’s good with t...
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Informed means armed
Oh, whassup! Let me tell you something. I settled in around here nicely, but something just doesn't feel right anyway. I mean, there's no confidence a...
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Lend lease
Hey, get over here, I have a big deal! You have probably heard already that there are a couple of foreign drones downed in the area? Good people have...
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Come on in, if you’re serious, got a new task for you! Those cameras you planted actually bore some fruit. Managed to find the right men, on good term...
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Rigged game
Hey serious. Come, there is one thing to do with you. One bird whispered to me in secret about your dealings with Prapor. Like, you took drugs for him...
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“Vitamins”. Part 1
Oh, it’s you… how many years, how many winters. And I was already thinking, maybe they sewed you. No, apparently, the bastards could not. However, he...
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“Vitamins”. Part 2
Come on, come in now. A notable problem has emerged. Well, you brought me the containers that time, but what is inside? Where is the Baikal drink? Wha...
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Chemical. Part 4
Here’s the thing. This whole chemical stuff worked like a charm, and it immediately became clear who do we push it to. And the receiving party is read...
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Safe corridor
Oh, there you are! Your help will be useful to me. My guys here were trying to borrow some supplies from the reserve base warehouse, but it wasn’t the...
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Loyalty buyout
What people. You scoundrel gave me trouble. I even began to think about sending my people after you, and get rid of such a fraer. But since you bastar...
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So, here's why I called for you. I've caught a mole in my team, this prick was leaking info about my supply channels and points of interest. Of course...
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Silent caliber
Hello, hello, if you’re not joking. How is your life? Often we have neighbors here. With a cannon, you clear the world from all the stench of the walk...
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You yourself can see what your brother’s job is, the weakling will not survive here. I’ll tell you this, at first glance they are very serious fighter...
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Bullshit did everything perfectly! They planned to set up an ambush for my couriers, but they got into it themselves. Haha. Serious showdowns with the...
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Night Sweep
Come on, you need to talk. There is work for you, a little dreary, really. My guys recently went for a swag at night and ran into some morons in hoods...
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Long Road
Come here already. Alright, so along the entire coast of the cape, there is a road, you've probably seen it. My guys use this road to transport mercha...
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Missing Cargo
Hey, tactical, come on in! Do you remember that civilian helicopter that was shot down somewhere by the Lighthouse, according to rumors? So, the heada...
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Top Secret
Now look who we have here. Do you even know what's going on in the city right now? Relax, nobody knows. But you and I are gonna start investigating. F...
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