The survivalist path. Unprotected, but dangerous

Путь выживальщика. Беззащитен, но опасен
Previous quest “Acquaintance”
Hey Ya. Come on, come in. Something needs to be discussed. We have to stomp along a difficult path. They themselves chose, as they say. It seems that the goal is good in mind – to clean the city of all filthy trash, but danger awaits at every step. I don’t need this kind of loss. Learn to be dexterous, savvy, terrifying, grasping. Fighting on the opponent’s field … hmm, so what? And this is not the case. Don’t be shy, go around him, you bastard. Practice your skills at any opportunity – in fact, oh, how useful. Your sidekick in the armor is not capable of that, but that’s their problem.


Take any weapon with optics, and go to the Woods. As soon as you spot the scav at a great distance, take off the armor and kill him.

If the scav finds you first, do not remove your armor.

An armored rig counts as armor.

Find scavs on map
This is how it turns out. The more you can, the more whole you will remain. You have to sting like a bee and be light like a butterfly.

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