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Perhaps one day the moment will come when we will get rid of the oppression of the invisible hand, which at first branded us with labels, and then arranged what is happening here now. I think that this is only the beginning and further actions of this unknown force are leading us to war. At least, all the prerequisites for this are there. In the past, I worked here, it was a simple chemical plant, and I was a simple foreman. Those were glorious times and everyone thought that they would remain so. Now, here is a battlefield filled with lovers of cruelty and violence. I want to bring back at least a piece of the past, clean up the plant, use all possible resources, and to begin with, it is worth figuring out which outputs can still be used.


You need to visit three exits at the Factory. They are marked below.

One main exit – Gate 3. The other two are opened by the Factory Exit Key.

There is no need to open the doors; just walk up to them. You don’t need to go out through every exit either.

If you died but managed to come to the exit, you do not need to approach it again.

Find first exit on map
Find second exit on map
Find third exit on map
First exit 

First exit “Gate 3”

Second exit 

Second exit “Gate 0”

Third exit "Cellars"

Third exit “Cellars”

Yes, my factory has changed, but still good news.

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