Cargo X. Part 2

Груз X. Часть 2
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We found more information on the discs than previously expected. The cargo is clearly located on the territory of the sanatorium, and it ended up here after they wanted to return it. The passage to the west is closed, so the members of the Terragroup transported the cargo to the port. Here they were awaited by a checkpoint with a T-90 – the secret cargo had to be urgently hidden. We know that the cargo is divided into two halves. The first one is located in the east wing of the complex – these are some kind of blue barrels. The location of the second has not yet been established. Your key task is to find the cargo.


Our path lies to the Shoreline to the sanatorium

Find room 108 of the eastern wing of the sanatorium (No key required). Go to the end of the room, and on the blue barrels, there will be the desired folder, pick it up.

Now you need to get out alive and transfer the folder to Peacekeeper.

Find Secure case for documents on map
Folder 0013 on blue barrels

Folder 0013 on blue barrels

We can say that the first part of the cargo is already with us. I really hope for you, don’t let me down!
Previous quest “Cargo X. Part 3”

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