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Hello, you’re just in time. Have you already heard of the new doctor? Just imagine – a man who in all seriousness is called an orderly sells medicines and carries out operations right in the middle of the street! Fuck knows what other miracles it does, but it leads to certain thoughts. He hangs out on the coast now, and the local punks are happy. Where else can they find someone who will mend their wounds and throw drugs with first-aid kits? It is disgusting for normal people to stand next to them, but at least henna for a healer. It seems that the doctor has a lot of reserves. But it’s not out of thin air, because all this is taken! Business is business, and you always need to remain a decent person. While law-abiding citizens cannot find green stuff, some kind of hooliganism from pills is catching a buzz. Is this the case? To press this orderly to the nail and find out everything, so that others were discouraged. Listen, do you want to help an old friend? Find this ill-fated doctor and find out exactly where he is hooligan and hooligan. Look there, be careful, or you never know what the doctor’s friends will hit in the head


We buy three markers and go to the Shoreline. Three bloodied medicine tables need to be marked

First table at a closed cottage

The second table is located between the west and east wings of the sanatorium by the ambulance

The third table is located at the entrance to the “Norvinsky” yacht club

Find the first trading post on the map
Find the second trading post on the map
Find the third trading post on the map
First trading post

First trading post

Second trading post

Second trading post

third trading post

Third trading post

Oh, finally returned! What, did you manage to get any information? You say our orderly has really settled down with stocks? I think I got to the medical warehouse. Here’s the doctor, here’s the Hippocratic oath! He sits happily ever after and feeds for nothing, while others howl like a wolf. No, well, such blatant arrogance cannot be tolerated. Find this damn warehouse, and close the office as soon as possible. But this is something other people will do. And to you, my friend, for your deeds I express my sincere gratitude.
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