Bad rep evidence

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Greetings, dear comrade. Come on in. If you’re interested, it’s up to you. You need to find one thing. How exactly – I can’t think of it, I’ve already broken my head. Okay, here’s the thing: one of the commanders in charge of Polykhim contrived and stole important documents. You know what the demand is now for evidence in TG and company cases? Well listen. The people who were finding out the data from the brigadier were twitchy, and without a tsar in the head. They did not calculate their strength during interrogation. The brigadier had a heart attack before even a word was pulled out of him. Can you imagine? Those idiots unfinished! It’s more expensive to work with such people. However, we passed, their concern. It turns out that he stole the evidence and hid it somewhere. Inquiries were made about who knew him in the past. Of course, the situation is not so good, but what the hell is not kidding, eh? Need to try. The foreman is himself from the chemical department. Have you heard what’s going on there? Straight to the heart of hell, in short. On the basis of the plant, he and his friends set up temporary huts. They drank there, brought women in and ate. I feel in my gut – everything is buried there. Where else? You couldn’t find a better place. If not, and I’m wrong, then the case is gone – we won’t find a damn thing.


Required Portable bunkhouse key. Buy it at the Flea Market or find it in scav’s jackets.

We go to the Customs factory zone. It is opposite the dormitories.

Find a portable cabin, which stands on a blue container, open it with a key, go in and pick up a folder from the table.

All you need is to go out alive and pass the quest item to Prapor.

Gaining access to the closed room at the Factory is not necessary, the key to the quest makeshift is spawned in this room, but the chance of appearing is very small.

Find folder 0031 on the map
Portable cabin at the Customs factory zone.

Portable cabin at the Customs factory zone

Folder 0031 on the table

Folder 0031 on the table

This is what you give, boy! Surprised so surprised. I got the real treasure. For skill and resourcefulness you are owed. And for loyalty and gain, and respect. It’s better than money.

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