Hello! The wild became noticeably more numerous, didn’t you notice? With my messenger, even in the safest places, they can’t squeeze through because of them, they kill everyone indiscriminately, they don’t go into dialogue. We need to teach these bastards, so much so that they piss on their pants at any bunch within a radius of a kilometer. Kill as many wild ones as possible so that it is clear where the wind is coming from. The shots should be exactly in the head of the bandit, and I will inform everyone so that they know who exactly the message is coming from.


You need to eliminate 40 Scavs with headshots

We just kill the Scavs in the head. Any map is fine but most of them can be found at the Interchange and the Reserve.

Find Scav habitats at the Shoreline
Find Scav habitats at the Woods
Find Scav habitats at the Interchange
Find Scav habitats at the Reserve
Find Scav habitats at the Customs
That’s much better. Thank you, military man. People say it has become calmer, they have caught your thought.

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