No offence

без обид
Previous quest (In case of failure) “Big customer”
You really screwed up with the chemicals. It is very difficult to regain my trust after such antics, but I will give you this opportunity. If you want to continue working, fulfill my request. No – get out on all four sides, I won’t hold. The customer was waiting for the reagent, and then it turned out to be such a bummer. At first, the grenades were not handed over, now it is. Do you even have a taste of what this can backfire? In short, more to the point. You need a good product, imported, the usual bullshit will not work. Get them out quickly. If you bring me grenades, I’ll pretend that everything is in a bundle.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


The quest is unlocked when the mission Big customer

You don’t have to find grenades in the raid.

M67 can be bought at the Flea Market, on the first level of the Peacemaker for Zibbo and the second level of the Peacemaker for dollars.

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