A fuel matter

Топливный вопрос
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Hey! I’m collecting the boys here for the state reserve base for fuel. They say there are stationary tanks, there are tank cars, but I don’t know the exact location, I don’t want to chase the boys under the bullets of snipers for nothing, but you quietly mark the main places, this will help a lot


You need to mark 2 groups of fuel tanks

Buy markers from Prapor and go to Reserve

First group is near the Depo (Building with a rook chess piece)

Second group is near the Manhole exit

Leave the location

Find first group on the map
Find second group on the map
First group of fuel tanks

First group of fuel tanks

Second group of fuel tanks

Second group of fuel tanks

Wo, thanks. Now we will know and in vain do not climb on the rampage. Get to work, helped a lot, brother.

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