Living high is not a crime. Part 2

Красиво жить не запретишь. Часть 2
Next quest “The Blood of War. Part 3”
Hi. Recently, the fitting was done to the type who was stirring up affairs with the Reshala. Do you remember? Apparently, he liked living in grand style. Hmm, who forbids? The owner is a master. He urgently needed antique vases and teapots. I don’t know why the choice fell on all this dubious good, but it doesn’t matter to me. If only he unfastened some money, but there are no problems with that. Is the task clear? Do it.


Items must be found in the raid.

All items can be found in safes at the Customs. Three-store dormitory: 204, 214. Two-store dormitory: 105, 110, 114

You can also visit the following rooms of the Health resort in the east wing: 310, 222, 205. West wing: 220

At the Laboratory: Office of the manager (Lab. Key. Manager office), security arsenal (Lab. Red keycard, Lab. key. Arsenal storage room).

Find jewelry on Shoreline
Find jewelry on the Lab
Got it? Wonderful. I wouldn’t be surprised if next time he orders a toilet with rubies.

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