Chemical. Part 2

Реагент. Часть 2
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Finally, where do you climb? The documents you picked up from the humanoid hole are quite weighty. I would say that they are quite weighty. But, damn, this can be seriously snapped up for. And again, there is no understanding where they can be driven more reliably. The question is not even in the fat, but in order not to lose limbs in the best case, because if you go to the wrong address, then write wasted. Here, hold the key, it’s from the same place, go and search there again, maybe you’ll find more. There is infa that the key will open the dorm room. And the documents say that our deputy is sitting on the second floor of the first building. Anything you can find in that room can be of great help, and that bodes well for a big jackpot.


Take the starting equipment from the Skier – Dorm room 220 Key

Take 7000 roubles in your secured container in case the “Dorms V-Ex” exit is active so that you can pay and leave the location through an additional exit.

Go to the Customs, go to the three-story dormitory in room 220

After you opened the room with the key, you need to find a flash drive and a letter.

The flash drive can be found sticking out of the laptop that is standing on a table.

The letter lies on a shelf between blue folders.

Next, you need to leave the location alive and pass the items to the Skier.

Find a letter on the map
Find USB stick on the map
Sliderkey flash drive

Sliderkey flash drive

Sealed letter between folders on the shelf

Sealed letter between folders on the shelf

Active Dorms V-Ex at the hostel. You can leave by car, paying 7000 roubles

Active Dorms V-Ex at the hostel. You can leave by car, paying 7000 roubles

Well, there is no solution, and that only complicates matters. Well, ok, let’s break through.
Next quest “Chemical. Part 3”

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