Chemical. Part 4

Реагент. Часть 4
Previous quest “Chemical. Part 3”
This quest is related to “Out of curiosity”
This quest is related to “Big customer”
In short, listen, there is a topic. All these chemical shenanigans turned out to be great, it became clear to whom you can sell it. The best part is that the host is already waiting for all this. But, blah, there is a problem and it needs to be solved urgently. We also need these yellow reagents. Part of the issue has already been resolved for us, there have already been attempts to find them. True, it is not clear whether it was realized or so, but according to the docks, once there was already an attempt to remove this box of this incomprehensible garbage from the factory. But here’s the strangeness, not a single checkpoint does the cargo pass according to the documents. It turns out that he remained somewhere on the territory of the plant. So I blow into the factory and look more closely, but not one flask, a whole box. Keep your eyes wider, maybe there will be some markings on the box. Has it turned on? And … here’s another … Something my dear friends Prapor and Therapist poke their smelly noses where it is unnecessary. Don’t be stupid. There is little left and you and I will bend everyone here. Bro, come on, a little left! I’ll just grind with the Ragman, he will make a good fit for you, look, our helmets should be there.


When you accept the quest, the quests Big customer and Out of curiosity appear. The player needs to choose which merchant to submit the quest to.

You need to tag the reagent machine

Take a marker from the Skier and go to the Customs to one of the covered hangars near the Scav checkpoint.

Near the end of the hangar, there will be a «Gazel» You need to mark it.

Get out of the location alive.

The main problem for people performing this quest is choosing which merchant to take this quest to.

It is highly recommended to take it to the Skier since his quest for redemption of loyalty is more expensive than that of others.

Find the transport with chemicals
Hangar in which there is the «Gazel»

Hangar in which there is the «Gazel»

The «Gazel» itself

The «Gazel» itself

Hmmm, I didn’t think it would be like this, everything is a little more complicated and it doesn’t get easier. Well, to hell with her, we will break through. Where ours did not disappear.
Next quest “Trust regain”
Next quest “No offence”
Next quest (In case of failure) “Loyalty buyout”

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