Golden swag

Золотые понты
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Well, do you need a part-time job? Just according to your profile there is a little business! From this hypocritical world to the basin pulls to puke. Count it up, I had to wind up for a long time for causing bodily harm. I cooked behind bars. Tied up, you bastards, and here my fenya was of some type that did not match the suit. Himself – he is still a ghoul. A rare bastard. The people are grounded at every step. And what? Walking around the world, and justice – shish !!! As one of my acquaintances the prosecutor used to say, she remained there, behind the fence. And here it is no better than in the zone. You get it, huh? Okay, stop talking not about business. Listen here and look into it, I won’t repeat it twice. I give a simple problem. There is a leader among the savages at the factory. His nickname is Uruguay. How not to laugh again? Haha. The type’s imagination is at the level of the skirting board. It must be the same drove to come up with. In short, you need to remove it, but this is the first thing. Second: the type of gig has a lucky one. Whether with gilding, or what. Always sparkles with it, pontus. I have been here too recently, I never let go of my trick. Clicked and clicked. Usually he throws his bones in the hostel. Room 303. You have to throw this trick in one turnout. Just crank everything up without noise and dust, truncated ?! Let some people go nuts from such hints, ha ha. Turnout at Customs. Grab the key to the huts, and blow to the parking lot as soon as possible. You will do the deed – let me know. Babosiks are waiting for you.


We take the starting equipment from the Skier – Portable cabin key

Buy the Dorm room 303 Key at the Flea Market and go to Customs to the three-story dormitory.

Open the room with the key, pick up the lighter and go to the trailer park.

The trailer park is located next to the customs terminal on the side of the “Trailer Park” exit

Find the portable cabin, open it and place the lighter.

If you died before you could place the lighter, then you have to pick it up again in the dormitory.

It is not necessary to complete the quest in one raid. You can pick up the lighter, exit the location and place the lighter in a new raid.

Find a lighter on the map
Find the place of the lighter on the map
Gold lighter on the table in room 303

Gold lighter on the table in room 303

Portable cabin in which you need to place a lighter

Portable cabin in which you need to place a lighter

Did the job, keep the money. Let’s wait and see what happens next
Next quest “Chemical. Part 1”
Next quest “Friend from the West. Part 1”

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