Night Sweep

Come on, you need to talk. There is work for you, a little dreary, really. My guys recently went for a swag at night and ran into some morons in hoods, well, a hack started. The boys, of course, got whoever they could in the end, and they kicked these psychos, even though a dozen themselves remained there. Well, not the point. We found a certain dagger in one of the psychos, and so it turned out that serious people are ready to pay off these whole fortunes for daggers. In short, I have a very serious order for them. If they turn up for you, just drag it.


You need to find in raid and hand over 12 cultist knives

Cultists appear only at night at locations: Shoreline, Woods, Customs. From approximately 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. They will not spawn if the raid was not found within the specified period of game time

On the Shoreline and Woods, the chance of spawning is higher. Four cultists and the leader Cultist Priest

Usually they sit/lie in the bushes and wait for Player to approach. First, they attack with a knife, but if you start shooting at them first or kill their boss, they will immediately start shooting.

Without a thermal scope or at least NVGs it will be very hard to kill them without dying. It is recommended to kill them at the hydroelectric power station on the Shore. It is enough to climb the hill next to them and shoot them from above. Keep a distance with them more than a hundred meters.

Find Cultist habitats on the Shoreline
Find Cultist habitats on the Woods
Find Cultist habitats on the Customs

Well, you give .. did you flunk them yourself? Well, you have nerves. Something’s not clean with these types, I’m telling you the truth…

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