Previous quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 4”
You see, as a doctor, even in such a difficult environment, I continue to treat people for ailments, because this is my job. And since you sometimes carry out my instructions, I must be sure that everything is fine with your health, so, you know, more reliable.


When accepting the quest Health Care Privacy. Part 4, task opens An apple a day – keeps the doctor away opens. The Therapist will ask for 400 thousand rubles; as a reward, you will receive 2 skill levels. It is better to give money at level 8 of Health.

To enhance your Health, you need to take the following actions:

You need: travel long distances; walk with overload; receive fractures, bleeding and damage; restore hydration and energy

In general, from the very beginning, I assumed that you are the person you can rely on, not only in terms of work.

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