Colleagues. Part 3

Коллеги. Часть 3
Previous quest “Colleagues. Part 2”
This quest is related to “Huntsman path. Sadist”
Sorry young man, please stop! I was told that the Huntsman talked to you and asked you to get rid of the Orderly. Please listen to me! Don’t do this! I understand that the Huntsman has hammered into your head the information that the Orderly is a beast in human form. But I assure you, his words have nothing to do with the truth! I know the Orderly, and he was just trying to help the local people without any malicious intent. He is a physician with vast experience and knowledge. The orderly is just trying to help local residents by doing the most difficult operations. But you see what the conditions are? Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that sometimes surgical intervention ends in tragedy, but the orderly is not guilty in this. He is an experienced doctor and his efforts will help save dozens or even hundreds of lives. He has access to medicines, without which we cannot survive. This person is important to us, by killing him, you will condemn the locals to death in torment. He is not against negotiations and promised to cooperate with me. But he asks for something in return. I seem to understand how we can earn his favor. We need the keys to the military laboratory. There are samples of stimulants used for the military, it is on their basis that the orderly conducts his experiments, the results of which are then used to save people. Tell me, can you get the keys for me?

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


The quest appears upon acceptance of Huntsman path. Sadist. The choice is given, either to bring the necessary items to Therapist, or to kill the Sanitar

You need to purchase or find Lab. Green keycard и Lab. Blue keycard and give them to the Therapist

It is also necessary to find stimulants in the raid AHF1-M and 3-(b-TG), which can be found in the Laboratory. Most often they can be found in green, black and blue rooms.

Lab key cards cost a lot of money, and the rewards are not worth the expense. So this quest is not recommended for completion. Better kill the Sanitar

Dialogue in case of quest completion

Thank you so much! I don’t even know how to thank you! It’s good that you did not believe the ranger’s vile slander and were able to distinguish truth from falsehood. I knew for sure that you would hear me and understand how important the orderly and his help are to us, we simply will not survive without a doctor. He also thanks you for the keys and stimulants. The orderly has already made the first batch of goods, there is also a share for you, take it. I hope we will continue our mutually beneficial cooperation.

Dialogue in case of quest failure

It is a pity that you did not heed the voice of reason and the Huntsman was able to win you over to his side. The orderly with his experience and medicines could do a lot of good for the local residents. Of course, he cannot be called a saint, but how else? Hard times, there is no other way to survive. But even such people should have a chance to change everything! But you completely deprived him of this opportunity, thereby dooming us to certain death. Go away, I don’t want to see you anymore. Go and never come back here.

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