Health Care Privacy. Part 1

Врачебная тайна. Часть 1
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Greetings young man. A lot of people tried to get out of such a mess, and it is not always possible to call them people. However, medical work, even with this option, is saving lives, by all means. When the tunnel on the shore collapsed, many were injured. Ambulance doctors immediately went to the call. But what began to happen there, you yourself can imagine. They stayed there for a long time. I know there were two or three cars there. In them, some things could remain intact, for example, pieces of equipment or drugs. If you can find them and mark them with beacons, my subordinates will handle the rest..


Buy three markers from Prapor and go to the Shoreline to mark the ambulances. 

The first ambulance stands between the east and west wings of the sanatorium.

The second and third stand near the «Tunnel» exit.

Get out of the location alive. If you were killed, but you managed to mark cars, then they do not need to be marked again.

Find first ambulance on map
Find second ambulance on map
Find third ambulance on map
First ambulance

First ambulance

Second ambulance

Second ambulance

Third ambulance

Third ambulance

What did you say, one car was parked near the sanatorium. curious
Next quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 2”

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