Health Care Privacy. Part 5

Врачебная тайна. Часть 5
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You can learn a lot from blood. Of course, these are not documents, and all the same. I don’t remember the last time I did this. I remember that several years ago I helped one intern-virologist with scientific work. Feeling like it was yesterday even though it’s been a long time. When the Internet appeared, it became much more convenient to correspond with foreign colleagues. What a pity that now I can not see the base of the copus. I’m sure there is a lot of data there that would be useful to me. During the blood test, I had many questions to be answered. Unfortunately, the Internet is not available right now. When I complained about this, I was advised to turn to one person who was nicknamed the Mechanic. Surprisingly, it has access to the world wide web, besides, the connection speed is impressive. I asked him for a favor – to find the information I needed. Of course, he will not do it for free – he asked for gunpowder in return. I don’t know why. In my opinion, he is engaged in patrons, or something like that – I did not go into too much. All I need is data. Only he can deliver them. You must find the gunpowder that he needs and leave it at the factory. Better be careful – there are a lot of Wild Ones, no one knows what they can do. Try to get things done at night.


We buy the gunpowder “Kite” (blue) in the amount of three pieces at the Flea Market.

Next, go to the night Factory to the third floor.

Knock out the door to the room (right from safe room) and place gunpowder three times.

Gunpowder “Kite” can be made in the hideout at the Workbench level 1

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Workbench 1 lvl

5.45x39 mm PS
1 h 29 min x1
Gunpowder "Kite"
Find the place where the gunpowder was placed on the map
Room on the third floor of the Factory

Room on the third floor of the Factory

Place for setting the gunpowder

Place for setting the gunpowder

You did a good job, the Mechanic received gunpowder and was satisfied. Now I can get the data I need.
Next quest “Decontamination service”

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