Operation Aquarius. Part 2

Операция Водолей Часть 2
Previous quest “Operation Aquarius. Part 1”
Hello dear friend. I want to please you with a new task. The payment is decent, you will like it. You already know that there is a shortage of drinking water in the region, and you even know where the legs of the problem grow from. I think I can share some important information with you. According to our information, something got into the aquifer. We already know how to fix a breakdown. We have been working on this issue for a long time, but it will take a few more days. We have brought in experienced professionals. But while the engineers are solving the issue, we need to somehow survive. There are few water reserves left. We were able to find out that some people had stocked up on drinking water before the accident. Where the dormitory is, near the factory, a gang lives. More than one person noticed how people from it carried plastic containers with clean water into the den. I cannot be angry with them, in a critical situation everyone survives as best he can. But their reserves are enough for their group, because they do not know that the problem will be solved soon. And here many may be in danger and die of thirst. Please try to find out where they are hiding their drinking supplies. I know you can handle it. I will be waiting for your answer.


It is recommended to take the SKS or the Mosin bolt-action rifle. SKS has a higher rate of fire, which will give you more rights to make a mistake. In the case of Mosin bolt-action rifle, with 7N1(PS) bullets, it can oneshot kill in the chest with a very high chance, but it has a very low rate of fire.

Go to the Customs and kill fifteen scavs that can be found throughout the map.

Below is a map showing their habitats. Scav kills are not taken into account when you play as scav. The Reshala and his followers go to the account of the dead scavs.

Find scav habitats on the map
Scav with Mosin bolt-action rifle

Scav with Mosin bolt-action rifle

Scav with AK-74N

Scav with AK-74N

Can not be! And we wondered where this water disappeared. Thank you! I will pass this information on to my people. The skier, of course, will not be thrilled that I go against him, but I will act in the interests of the common good.

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