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Quest Yaeger «The survivalist path. Cold blooded»

Remember, soldier: the alarmist kills himself with his own hand. Situations are different, I do not argue, but nothing should be unsettling. Self-control is above all! Imagine if the tremor starts. Well, there … I went over too much or caught a bullet inadvertently.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Ivan Egorovich Kharitonov


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

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Eliminate 2 PMCs with a headshot while having tremor

Rewards arrow-tab


+5900 Exp


Jaeger +0.02 Rep


75000 Roubles


Stress Resistance +1 level

How to complete the quest?

Reduce hydration in the raid to 0 with food. A can of DevilDog or two cans of condensed milk are better suited. Also take water with you.

Eat food, wait half a minute when the character’s hands begin to shake when aiming and kill the PMC in the head. After killing enough PMCs, drink water.

It is recommended to complete this quest at the Factory