Huntsman Path. Relentless

Come on in, boy. Got anything interesting to tell? Eh, forget it, don’t want to listen about your war. Got enough of it here. I don’t have much to teach you anymore, you know how to stand up for yourself, and you know of justice well. Met the local bandit leaders too. But have you tried getting them all at once? The task is not an easy one, but the goal is worth it. The most important thing is what mark we leave behind us.


It is necessary to kill all bosses without dying

Quest is very hard, it is recommended to have a group of PMCs, Guards can be killed by anyone, Boss must be killed by the person with quest

As guards and bosses all have good ammo, it is recommended to take high tier armor, such as: Altyn, Slick, Hexgrid. Also your ammo should be able to penetrate 5+ armor class: BS, Igolnik, M61, M995, SNB

The hardest bosses are: Glukhar, because he has the biggest group of guards and Killa, because a lot of players with “The stylish one” want to kill him and the boss himself is dangerous with his agressive AI and great equipment

To refresh your memory (Spawn, etc.), below there will be quests to kill all bosses

Quest to kill Glukhar
Quest to kill Killa
Quest to kill Reshala
Quest to kill Sanitar
Quest to kill Tagilla
Quest to kill Shturman

I heard, I heard. You did the right thing, boy. Thank you human.

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