Postman Pat

Почтальон Печкин
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This quest is related to “Postman Pat. Part 2”
Come on in, don’t be shy! Did you teach yourself unnecessary holes on your own? Is life in the battalion happy? Well, fine! Why do we need them, right? Dear friend, I got into trouble here, and I need your help. Help out! My messenger doesn’t get in touch, has gone somewhere … I don’t fucking know where. And I, too, a fool, apparently the devil beguiled, entrusted the case to no one! So listen to me carefully, I gave him a note for the Therapist, we have things in common with him. There is nothing special in the note, but I would not like it to fall into the hands of someone on the left. In short, my messenger is missing. I decided to cut the road, did not listen to me and apparently paid for it. Go check, his pockets are empty anyway, but maybe my note was lying somewhere on his body. It is of no value, but I need it. If she happens to be with him, then bring her to the Therapist to this one, okay?


Go to the Factory and find a small concrete room with a window.

This is the messenger, and there will be a letter near the collar under his jacket. Take it.

Next, you need to leave the location alive and hand over the letter to the Therapist.

Find a messenger on the map
Concrete room with a messenger's corpse

Concrete room with a messenger’s corpse

Corpse of a messenger with a letter

Corpse of a messenger with a letter

How good it is to get down to business with your people! So right away it was necessary, thanks! Said I will do it, and I did it!
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