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Quest Yaeger «The survivalist path. Unprotected, but dangerous»

Hey Ya. Come on, come in. Something needs to be discussed. We have to stomp along a difficult path. They themselves chose, as they say. It seems that the goal is good in mind – to clean the city of all filthy trash, but danger awaits at every step. I don’t need this kind of loss. Learn to be dexterous, savvy, terrifying, grasping. Fighting on the opponent’s field … hmm, so what? And this is not the case. Don’t be shy, go around him, you bastard. Practice your skills at any opportunity – in fact, oh, how useful. Your sidekick in the armor is not capable of that, but that’s their problem.

check-circle Quest for getting Kappa


Ivan Egorovich Kharitonov


check-circle Quest for getting Kappa

Goals and rewards for quest

Quest objectives arrow-tab

Kill 5 scavs on Woods. You must not wear any body armor.

Rewards arrow-tab


+5600 Exp


Jaeger +0.02 Rep


35000 Roubles

How to complete the quest?

Take any weapon with optics, and go to the Woods. As soon as you spot the scav at a great distance, take off the armor and kill him.

If the scav finds you first, do not remove your armor.

An armored rig counts as armor.

Find scavs on map